Courses Offered

course name description
Banking and Accounting Short Term Course based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) in Banking and Accounting Sector.
Tally (Financial Accounting) Short Term Course for the trade of Accounts Assistant using Tally under Modular Employable scheme (MES).
NURSING Assistant / AIDE The Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aide certificate program prepares you for a career in the health care field.
HEALTH CARE MULTIPURPOSE WORKER Curriculum of Intermediate Vocational Course in Multipurpose Heath Care Assistant.
FASHION DESIGN The course will provide in-depth knowledge of fashion illustration, design ideas, fabric study, etc.
DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Course under Skill Development Initiatives Scheme (SDIS-MES) on the trade of Data Entry Operator.
ORNAMENTALIST - CHIKKANKARI DESIGNER Short Term Course to explore chikankari industry of Lucknow.
ORNAMENTALIST - HAND WORK SPECIALIST Certificate course in Ornamentalist - Hand Work specialist - Combination of different skills.
TAILOR (BASIC SEWING OPERATOR) MES (Modular Employable Skill) course under SDI (Skill Development Initiative) scheme of DGE&T for Tailor (Basic Sewing Operator).
RETAIL Management Course Matrix based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) for the Retail Sector.